Classroom Management: The Effective Roles of EFL Teacher

One of the most difficult tasks for EFL teachers is classroom management. Pupils’ learning capacities may be harmed by difficulties such as imprecise instructions, a lack of exercises for kinesthetic students, time limits, differing learners’ levels, and discussing issues unrelated to the lesson. As a result, the purpose of this study was to look into the effective roles of EFL teachers in classroom management and student accomplishment at Taibah University’s El-Ula Branch. Teacher roles take into account the language used in the classroom, the teacher’s responsibilities, as well as the criticism and evaluation of the teacher’s performance. According to the study, the teacher who actively engages in his tasks in the classroom is the most important component in improving classroom management and expanding students’ knowledge. A quantitative research design was used in this study. A total of 25 English teachers (18 males and 7 females) were chosen from Taibah University’s El Ula Branch, and a questionnaire was produced and distributed to them in order to learn about their perspectives on the relevance of teachers’ roles in classroom management. To examine the data, graphs were created for the language, responsibilities, and performance of the teachers, and tables were created for item correlations. The findings of the study demonstrated that the teachers’ successful responsibilities had resulted in significant improvements in classroom management and student learning outcomes.

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Mohammed Hassan Abdel Rahman Ibrahim
El-Ula Branch Taibah University, Saudi Arabia.

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