Determination of Biting Behaviours and Peak Range of Mosquito Armigerous subalbatus in Different Sites

At K. K nagar in Erode district, Tamilnadu, biting behaviour and peak values of Armigerous subalbatus mosquitoes were observed. Armigerous subalbatus was found in five different places. From November through March, the Armigerous subalbatus reaches its highest point. Armigerous subalbatus mosquitoes were found in five different locales. At the Open Dark Place, a total of 178 mosquitos were captured (Sewage). At Open Light Place, the lowest total number of mosquitoes seen was 37. (Sewage). A total of 32 mosquitoes were caught in the open air. The total number of mosquitos recorded in the Open Place site was 8, with 14 Armigerous subalbatus mosquitos detected. The peak of biting activity is indicated by the intensity of ambient light at sunrise and dusk. The morning peak falls standard deviation was reported as 06.300.173 at 06.30 hours in the 50 percent value of morning time. At 18.30 hours, the standard deviation of the evening peak falls was observed to be 18.30 0.223.

The rate of variation in light intensity, rather than a set level or value, was discovered to be the essential aspect in observing the peak activity of biting mosquitoes in this study.

Author(S) Details

S. Uthirasamy
Department of Zoology, Erode Arts and Science College, Erode-09, Tamilnadu, India.

T. Chitra
Department of Zoology, Erode Arts and Science College, Erode-09, Tamilnadu, India.

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