Determination of Optical Characterization of the CdZnSe2xTe2(1-x) Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Method

The spray pyrolysis process, which is easy, affordable, and economical at 300o C substrate temperature, was used to create CdZnSe2xTe2(1-x) thin films on large substrate areas (glass plates) for diverse composition parameters ‘x’. The main goal of this research is to characterise thin films by measuring optical properties such as absorption (A), transmittance (T), reflectance (R), absorption coefficient (), band gap energy (Eg), refractive index (n), extinction coefficient (k), dielectric constant (), (real and imaginary parts), and variation of these properties with composition parameter. Absorption coefficients were estimated using the optical transmission and reflection spectra. Using Tauc theory, the band gap energy was calculated from absorbance observations in the visible region. For films with composition parameter x= 0 to 1, band gap energy values are determined to be in the range 2.04-2.52 eV. It demonstrates that the fundamental absorption edge’s major transition is a direct allowed transition. The optical parameter values acquired with this method are suitable for a wide range of scientific and technical applications.

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S. A. Gaikwad
Department of Physics, Guru Nanak Science College, Ballarpur (M.S.)-442701, India.

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