Investigating the Perceptions of Primary Education Teachers’ Regarding the Professional Burnout Syndrome and the Role of the School Principal

Occupational stress among school teachers captivated scholars in the second half of the twentieth century, mostly because of its effects on their mental and physical health, and researchers sought to better understand how to manage it. It was emphasised that because teachers have taken on a humanitarian role, they face stressful situations that lead to tiredness at work. The goal of the study was to look into primary school teachers’ perspectives of what causes burnout syndrome, as well as the efforts taken by the principal to deal with it. The study’s goal was to find out how instructors felt about their burnout and their principal’s attitude, as well as how his or her leadership contributed to school effectiveness. An anonymous self-completed questionnaire was used in the study, which took place between February and April 2019. All teachers in school units, regardless of their specialisation, were chosen from schools in the Kavala Regional Unit in Greece. Each unit was given a random number, which was subsequently recorded in a statistical table. Thirty numbers were chosen at random from this table to symbolise thirty different schools, regardless of their location or organisation. The research sample consisted of 324 primary school teachers. Teachers do not feel professionally or emotionally weary as a result of their career, according to the data, but instead feel creative, believe their aims have been met, and are motivated to carry out their educational task – obligation. Furthermore, both the principal’s attitude and his or her contribution to the efficacy of educational leadership appear to have a key impact in teachers’ feelings of personal achievement and happiness.

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Apostolia Kosta
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Adamos Anastasiou
Hellenic Open University, Greece.

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