Study on Harmonic Identification and Mitigation Using APF in Distribution System Consisting of Single Non Linear Load

Using an Active power filter, this work presents a novel way for balancing source side current harmonics in power systems produced by the presence of nonlinear characteristic loads (APF). Because of the advanced, nonlinear, and non-stationary nature of systems that contain a large number of diverse constraints, optimising capacity system networks using traditional mathematical modelling based on primarily linearized methodologies is difficult. To avoid the complication of traditional concepts, this paper proposes the application of Total Harmonic Power (THP) to two complete cases with and without APF, i.e. identifying the harmonics and reducing their effect with APF to lower the supply current Total harmonic distortion (THD) sufficiently below fifth order to satisfy the IEEE-519 standard even when the offer is distorted. MATLAB simulations and comparative analyses were utilised to compare scenarios with and without APF management approaches employing THP control strategies. The new alteration was tested in a number of case studies and found to be effective. Furthermore, to minimise the potential for inaccuracies in estimating harmonic powers caused by computing phase shifts between harmonics.

Author(S) Details

S. V. D. Anil Kumar
Department of EEE, St. Ann’s College of Engineering and Technology, Chirala – 523187, Andhra Pradesh, India.

K. Ramesh Reddy
GNITS, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

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