The Concept of Public Service at the District General Hospital, in the frame of State Administration (A Case at Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia)

Health care is one of the most basic services that the community as a whole requires and appreciates. As a result, the government required in 2010 through the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia that excellent health essentially gives possibilities for individuals or communities to take advantage of their opportunities and potential, hence increasing the level of welfare in general. In this context, health-related research was conducted, particularly in relation to the implementation of the BPJS (Social Security Administration Agency) at Regional General Hospitals. The purpose of this study was to look into the idea of state administration in the context of public service. The service idea focuses on improving the BPJS program’s ability to handle community health. Pelabuhan Ratu Hospital and Sekarwangi Hospital in Sukabumi Regency, West Java Province, conducted the study. A descriptive method with a qualitative approach was employed to attain the goal. At the empirical level, this method is used to identify facts with the correct interpretation and accurately characterise the nature and actions of group and individual events. The findings revealed that the Pelabuhan Ratu Hospital and Sekarwangi Hospital’s BPJS programme was not up to par.

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Hadirin Suryanegara
Department of Communication, Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang, Indonesia.

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