The Condition of Intensive Formation of Metacognitive Skills in Elementary School

Metacognitive skills connected with reflexive actions in problem solving are a necessary requirement for successful mastery of school programmes and a strong indicator of primary school-aged children’s intellectual growth. The goal of this empirical study is to see how the author’s non-educational content programme, “Reflexion 1,” affects the formation of reflexive movements in children aged 9 years old when they are solving issues. It was also crucial to determine the abilities of younger kids in solving cryptoarithmetic problems. From September to May, thirty-two courses were held with the experimental group of students (one a week, outside of school hours) according to the programme. The findings reveal that the lessons in the “Reflexion 1” programme contribute to a considerable rise in the number of 9-year-olds who take major reflexive actions in problem-solving.

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Anatoly Zak
Department of Psychological Sciences, Psychological Institute of the Russian Academy of Education, Russia.

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