Determination of Response Statistics of Single Degree of Nonlinear Random Structure with Nonlinear Damping Characteristic and Nonlinear Elastic Characteristic

The applicability of the route integral solution approach for determining the response statistics of nonlinear dynamic systems whose equations of motion may be described using linearization differential equations is investigated in this work. The focus of this work is on the dynamic reaction of structures under random loads. They are random processes with spectral density functions as a common description. For a nonlinear oscillator driven by response-dependent white noise, an identification technique is proposed. Records of the stationary stochastic response are used to determine stiffness, damping, and excitation. Assume that a single-degree-of-freedom structure is activated by a force that is characterised by the spectral density function as a random process. Under external stochastic wide-band stimulation, we describe a method for estimating the power spectral density of the stationary response of an oscillator with a nonlinear restoring force. The power spectral density is deduced by constructing an equivalent linear system.

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Petre Stan
University of Pitești, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Romania.

Marinica Stan
University of Pitești, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technology, Romania.

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