Geotechnical Interattraction of Granites from Ouaddai Region (East) for Use in Civil Engineering

This research focuses on the various properties of granitic materials that can be used in construction in Chad’s eastern area. The towns of Achklun and Amgala are located in the north and south of Abéché, respectively, in the Ouadda area (Eastern Chad). Granites with diaclases and veins crosscutting them grow in Achklun and Amgala. Granites are classified as fine grains biotite granites, which are made up of quartz, orthoclase, plagioclase biotite, and opaque minerals, or coarse grains amphibole biotite granites, which are made up of quartz, orthoclase, plagioclase biotite, amphibole, and opaque minerals. Diaclases and veins are structural features that have been studied. Biotite granite and amplibole biotite-granite both have diclases. They show a north-south pattern. In amplibole biotite-granite, veins can be seen. They are granitic in nature and have a pegmatitic texture. The primary trend direction in veins is NE-SW. The fact that their emplacement benefited from the diaclase network is evidenced by the NE-SW trend. Fine grains biotite granite is more durable than amphibole biotite granite, according to geotechnical investigations. In the same rock type, the resistance may differ from one station to the next. This fluctuation is caused by differences in mineral composition, grain sizes, and fracture intensity (diaclases). The current effort allowed for the selection of granite that was better suited for various buildings based on field observations and laboratory investigation.

Author(S) Details

Bozabe Renonet Karka
Département du Génie Civil, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Travaux Publics, N’Djamena, Chad.

Al-Hadj Hamid Zagalo
Faculté des Sciences de la vie, Université des Sciences et de Technologie d’Ati, de la Terre et de l’Aménagement du Territoire – Ati, Chad. and Université de Dschang, Faculté des Sciences, Dschang, Cameroun.

Maurice Kwekam
Université de Dschang, Faculté des Sciences, Dschang, Cameroon.

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