Study on Dual Bi-Directional Heuristic Development Framework

A multi-start heuristic framework is developed in this study. Heuristic convergence to high-quality optimum solutions is accelerated using the heuristic development approach. The Dual Bi-Directional (DBD) heuristic is a multi-start heuristic that uses a pair search starting from both the beginning and ending nodes to find the global optimum solution (GOS) in four directions at the same time. The search is completed when the four optimum tours link to form an optimum round tour of all the search space nodes. The DBD heuristic then uses a global search metaheuristic to improve the discovered optimum round tour in a unidirectional approach. The multi-start heuristic framework minimises the non-convergence of the bi-directional technique by introducing the unidirectional heuristic to improve the multi-start heuristic created optimum round tour. The bi-directional heuristic will be able to converge thanks to the multi-start heuristic framework’s approach.

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Stanley Murairwa
College of Business, Peace, Leadership and Governance, Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe.

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