An Overview of Knowledge Management and Data Mining for Marketing Decision

Knowledge management is an application for managing information and knowledge resources in an organisation that incorporates people, processes, and technology. Data mining appears in the knowledge management process of knowledge generation in particular, with its diversity of advanced methodologies. Knowledge management applications and data mining are used by businesses in a variety of areas, including manufacturing, finance, and marketing. Marketing selections for organisational products are quite important in terms of profit generation. This article examines how knowledge management and data mining are used in marketing decisions. The study’s goal is to determine how knowledge management and data mining are used in marketing decision-making. A total of 30 scientific publications on knowledge management, data mining, and marketing decision were gathered and reviewed using the scoping review technique. Clustering was the most common technique used in marketing decisions, according to the analysis of the collected papers. It’s also been discovered that sales and cash registers are two marketing variables that are frequently reported when data mining is used. Scholars have also agreed that data mining has been used effectively in marketing decisions.

Author(S) Details

Wahida Abd Wahab
Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC), Malaysia.

Safawi Abdul Rahman
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia.

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