Investigating the Impact of Cryptocurrencies on the Modern Banking System

This paper examines modern monetary instruments, particularly digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as their impact on the global monetary, financial, and economic future. We shall pay special attention to how central banks around the world respond to the challenge posed by monetary constructions developed by the private sector, because they are still the main followers of all important global financial trends. The growth of digital cryptocurrencies will lead to the creation of new financial and monetary instruments and media, resulting in benefits and opportunities that have yet to be explored. Finally, we’ll look at the legal structure around digital currencies and cryptocurrencies, as well as specific countries’ approaches to regulation.

Author(S) Details

Agon Skeja
CFA, BKT Kosovo Bank, Macedonia.

Seadin Xhaferi
Departament of Finance Accounting, University of Tetova, Macedonia.

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