Assessment of Room Temperature Multiferroicity in PbPd0.3Ti0.7O3 Thin Films

Several researchers have been active in the discovery of improved oxide materials with multiferroic characteristics at room temperature for multifunctional applications over the last few of decades. Our goal in this book chapter is to look at how palladium doped PbPd0.3Ti0.7O3 (PT-Pd) single phase room temperature multiferroic thin films develop and are characterised. Shalini et al. [1] examined Pd-doped Pb (Zr0.20Ti0.80)0.70O3 materials in ceramic forms at our laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico. Thin films were produced using a pulse laser deposition process, and their structure, magnetism, and ferroelectric characteristics were investigated. Laser ablation methods in oxygen atmosphere were used to deposit highly (001) oriented PT-Pd thin films on (LaAlO3)0.3(Sr2AlTaO6)0.7 (LSAT) substrates with or without a thin bottom layer of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 (LSMO). To avoid any LSMO contribution, PT-Pd put on LSAT substrate was employed for magnetic experiments. However, PT-Pd thin films produced on LSMO/LSAT with LSMO as the bottom electrode were chosen for piezo force microscopy and ferroelectric experiments. At 300 K, saturated magnetization M-H loops with 3.4 remanent magnetization and a coercive field Hc of 114.5 Oe were obtained, and PT-Pd maintained ferromagnetic ordering across the temperature range of 5-500 K. Pd2+ and Pd4+ cations distributed in polar PbTiO3 ferroelectric matrix were shown to be the source of magnetization in the films. The strong domain switching responses in the phase and amplitude image contrasts were used to infer ferroelectric ordering in thin films. At ambient temperature, our experiments revealed that PT-Pd thin films were ferroelectric and ferromagnetic (multiferroic).

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K. K. Mishra
Department of Physics, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR 00925-2537, USA.

Ram S. Katiyar
Department of Physics, University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR 00925-2537, USA.

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