Study on the Effects Generated by Screening of large-Scale Inhomogeneity’s by an Electron Liquid in Metals

A homogenous, positively charged background is considered, as well as an electron liquid covering the same volume with the same average charge density. This paper investigates how an e-liquid reacts to large-scale inhomogeneities caused by exogenous factors. The electron liquid screens the inhomogeneity, changing it into an exponential potential at the boundary, using two inhomogeneities as examples: the outer boundary of a positive background and a uniform magnetic field throughout the volume. The average charge density determines the exponential parameter, which is substantially less than the sample size. Some aspects of the exponential well’s energy spectrum are demonstrated. This allowed the rules of the photoelectric effect to be explained, as well as the energy dependence of the density of states of elementary excitations of an electron liquid in a magnetic field. The phenomena in the ionic lattice should be affected by the electric field formed by the electron liquid’s inhomogeneous density distribution.

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Illia Dubrovskyi
Hatikva 11a apt 2 Haifa 3541623 Israel.

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