Study on Absolute Hardness of Thin Films by Monolayer Model Application

To determine the absolute hardness of a film or coating, the contribution of the substrate must be separated. It is well known that the film thickness and the applied load are the two most important factors in determining the absolute hardness of a film in this circumstance. The contributions of the substrate and the film are reflected in the apparent hardness values derived from indentation measurements. These two components must be separated in order to ascertain the true hardness of the film. Several writers have worked on this problem over the years, and the literature contains a huge number of models developed using an additive linear function. The goal of this study is to measure the absolute hardness of nitride thin layers created by two different plasma activation rates of 50% and 65 percent. A series of traditional Vickers indentation was done to the objects’ surfaces at varied loads. Because the separation of substrate contribution to film measurement hardness reported in the literature is very complicated due to several parameters that intervene, we used the Jonsson- Hogmark model (J-H) in this study, which is simple and gives the best results according to several previous studies.

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Younès Benarioua
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology, University of M’sila; Bordj Bou Arreridj Road; M’sila-28000; Algeria.

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