Determination of Changes in Yield and Profitability of Improved Soybean Production in Guinea Nigeria: A Case Study of Borno and Kaduna States

In Guinea, Nigeria, the study looked at the profitability of enhanced soybean technology due to changes in yield among agricultural households. It primarily evaluated soybean yields before and after adopting improved soybean technology, as well as the costs and returns associated with changes among producers and the limits of applying improved soybean technology in the research area. Primary data was acquired from 162 respondents in the (Tropical Legume II) TL II and non-TL II villages in the study area using a multistage sampling technique. Crop yields were significantly different before and after the project, according to the results of the twofold difference (DD) estimate. The mean gross income of the TL II participants was N36,770.5 greater than that of the non-TL II participants, demonstrating that enhanced crop production is profitable in the study area, according to the results of the gross margin analysis. Pests and diseases, a lack of a market, and a poor price for soybeans are among the primary obstacles experienced by respondents, according to descriptive statistics. In light of the foregoing, the governments of Borno and Kaduna, as well as other interested parties, are encouraged to repeat the TL II project. Farmers without TL II should take notes from the improved soybean growers. Farmers should be adequately connected to existing soybean markets, and the TL II project should develop more so that the surplus may be consumed. Farmers must be trained in soybean management practises as well as how to control pests and diseases as part of the TL II project.

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R. C. Wakawa
Department of Science Policy and Innovations Studies (SPIS), National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM), an Agency of the Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (FMSTI) Abuja, Nigeria.

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