Impact of the Mental Status of Mother on Foetal Health – An Ayurvedic Point of View

Ayurveda is a science that promotes a holistic way of life. It asserts that the mother’s mental health has a significant impact on the foetal health. This does not begin when the child is conceived. Instead, all of the mother’s mental disorders begin to harm the foetal health from the moment the ovum develops. In today’s hectic city life, the mother’s mental health is often overlooked. In the current situation, the majority of women, including pregnant women, are stressed. The impact of maternal mental health on the foetus is well-explained in Ayurveda. It also suggests various implications of its disregard as well as preventative strategies for a woman’s mental health during adolescence, pregnancy, parturition, and the postnatal period. Hormones may also communicate the mother’s thoughts and feelings to the foetus, according to recent research. It can even change the expression of genes in a growing embryo. The impact of the mother’s mental health on the foetus can assist society reduce the negative effects of maternal stress on the foetus. Along with the need of nutrition and physical health care, societal awareness of the necessity of maternal mental health care is required. This could help future generations avoid genetic abnormalities and mental health difficulties.

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H. Dayana
Department of Rachana Shareera, Parul University, Vadodhara, Gujarath, India.

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