Study on Spatial Relationship of Metabolomics, OSA and Diabetes Mellitus

The study of metabolites, whether focused or untargeted, is known as metabolomics. They can be discovered in bodily fluids such as urine, blood, and saliva. They have a low molecular weight (less than 1 kilodaltons). These are representations of the metabolic process. The one that is being targeted is limited to known metabolites. Metabolomes are unidentified compounds identified by the untargeted. Sleep is divided into three phases: Sleep Latency, Synchronized Sleep Phase (SWS), and Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

Neurohormonal and metabolic alterations are mostly responsible for this. Obesity and Diabetes Mellitus can be caused by a variety of sleep disorders and hormonal abnormalities. As a result, this pathophysiological process can be reflected in aberrant metabolomics mimics. In the future, metabolite research could be an economical technique to diagnose this condition, supplementing or replacing polysomnography. There are a variety of sleep problems, some of which are linked to modern lifestyle factors such as reduced sleep duration, shift work, and pre-existing Diabetes Mellitus and/or OSA.

Author(S) Details

P. V. Prabhakar Rao
Department of Pulmonology, MNR Medical College, Sangareddy, Telengana, India.

Kandamaran Krishnamurthy
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados and Faculty of Medical Sciences, Cave Hill Campus, The University of the West Indies, Barbados.

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