Assessment of Power Quality Improvement in a Micro WECS with Battery Storage under Critical Load Condition

Maintaining the essential load with continuous power supply in a microgrid system is very difficult. The suggested micro-wind energy conversion system with battery energy storage is employed in the grid to exchange regulated real and reactive power and to maintain power quality norms at the point of common coupling. At times when there is a low demand for electricity, the micro wind power generated can be stored in the batteries. In a distributed power system, a combination of battery energy storage and micro-wind generating technology can produce an effective, reliable, and long-lasting power system. In this approach, inverter control is used in conjunction with hysteresis current control to achieve faster dynamic switchover for essential load support. The combination of battery storage with a micro-wind energy generating system (WEGS), which will synthesise the output waveform by injecting or absorbing reactive power and allowing the load to receive the true power it requires. Under critical load limitations, the system lessens the impact on the conventional source by utilising WEGS and battery storage power. To support the important loads, the system responds quickly. In the event of a grid disruption, the scheme can also be used as a stand-alone system with an uninterrupted power source. In MATLAB/SIMULINK, the system is simulated and the results are given.

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M. Vimalraj
Adhiparasakthi College of Engineering College, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, India.

R. Umamageswari
Adhiparasakthi College of Engineering College, Ranipet, Tamil Nadu, India.

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