Effecting Factors on Large Scale Production of Medicinally Active Compound in Garlic (Allium sativum)

The goal of this study was to “determine the cause of variations in medicinally active compounds, such as Alliin/Allicin concentration, in various Allium species cultivated in various Indian states.” Alliin/Allicin, Di-allyl Disulfide, 2-vinyl-4H-1, 3-dithiin, and Ajoene are medicinally active chemicals found in garlic.

Alliin (Allicin) is an antihypertensive and cholesterol-lowering supplement.

Alliin is an amino acid that, in the presence of the enzyme Alliinase, converts to Allicin, which gives garlic its distinctive scent.

Garlic samples (varieties) were obtained from various locations (climatic condition), and alliin was calculated from various portions of the plant.

Author(S) Details

Rajesh Kumar Singh
Department of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry), Monad University, Panchshil Nagar, Hapur (U.P.), India.

S. N. Hiremath
Pravara College of Pharmacy, Pravara Nagar, Loni, Dist. Ahmadnagar (MH), India.

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