Teacher Motivation for Quality Output

In human management, motivation is critical. Motivation has been found to improve teachers’ production, according to empirical research. The amount of effort put in to achieve school objectives is determined by teachers’ feelings, behaviour, associated value (worth), and the surroundings. Teachers that are happy with their jobs are more productive and can have an impact on their pupils’ grades. The concept of motivation is explained in this chapter, as well as models of motivation for teachers’ production. It also has as a purpose to explore how instructors might be encouraged to perform better in their teaching jobs by elaborating on the element of teacher motivation and output. It was shown that boosting teachers’ morale, promoting them, providing a decent work environment, and having pleasant interpersonal interactions all had a favourable impact on their performance.

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Patrick Kongnyuy
Department of Educational Leadership, Faculty of Education, The University of Bamenda, Cameroon.

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