The Druze Women School Principals as Role Models and Generators of Social Change: A Recent Study

The goal of this preliminary research is to look into the perspectives of Druze female school principals on their work and its societal relevance. The study is qualitative in nature, and it is a “case study” of the phenomenon [1]. The researcher is concerned in revealing, learning, and understanding the internal world of “subjects” from their point of view in the “holistic” research approach [2]. The origins of conduct are influenced by the “subjects'” definitions, beliefs, values, and ideologies [3]. The shift to higher education has changed the Druze woman’s inferior standing; well-educated women have gained prominence, influencing Druze parents in general to support higher education. The primary source of information for the field work is in-depth ethnographic structured interviews, which allow the interviewee to tell her narrative freely while remaining focused on the study objectives. Five Druze women school principals were interviewed to share their personal experiences [4].

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Janan Faraj Falah
The Western Galilei College, Akko, Israel.

Yossi Maman
The Western Galilei College, Akko, Israel.

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