Characterization of Plasma Polymerized PANI Films

Pulsed-plasma polymerization was used to make the polyaniline (PANI) thin film. Ideal conditions were obtained after studying the effects of substrate position, pressure, and the number of plasma pulses on the film growth rate. The structural and optical properties of the PANI thin film were investigated using UV-vis, FTIR, and optical absorption spectra. Electrical conductivity tests were also carried out under a variety of situations. Sensors, corrosion protection, and electrochromic displays are just a few of the applications for PANI films.

Author(S) Details

Rajendra Kumar
Department of Physics, Rama University, Kanpur- 209217, U. P., India.

Dharamjeet Yadav
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Rama University, Kanpur, India.

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