A Surgical Overview on Modified Alvarado Scoring

The vermiform appendix, as the name implies, is a small, worm-shaped tube that emerges from the caecum’s posteromedial wall. Appendicitis is an inflammation of the vermiform appendix’s inner lining that spreads to its other sections. In most Surgical Emergency Rooms, acute appendicitis is the most prevalent surgical emergency. It is critical to make the accurate diagnosis; nevertheless, if you wait too long, you risk perforation and a considerable increase in morbidity and mortality. Scoring systems, ultrasound, computer programmes, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and laparoscopy are all recommended for assisting in the diagnosis of appendicitis. For the early identification of acute appendicitis, several scoring systems have been employed around the world. The Alvarado scoring system, which is based on history, physical examination, and some laboratory findings, is one of the most practical rating systems. The Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, and Negative Predictive Value of the Modified Alvarado Score are all acceptable. In surgical emergencies, modified Alvarado and ultrasonography can be used combined to diagnose cases of acute appendicitis.

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Varun Dogra
General Surgery, University of Kashmir, India.

Ishfaq Ahmad Gilkar
General Surgery, University of Kashmir, India.

Silvi .
Department of Pathology, University of Jammu, India.

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