Dasatinib and Quercetin: Short-term Simultaneous Administration Yields Senolytic Effect in Humans

Background: The higher the number of cell divisions, the more senescent cells. In human and animal beings, senescent cells are one of the most poisonous cells. When their number reaches a certain level, it causes a lot of ageing indicators to appear. During the division phase, the cell’s generation reaches ultimate morphogenetic state, according to the citogenetic centriolar hypothesis of ageing. As a result, programmed cell death (apoptosis) must be triggered; otherwise, the cell would enter a senescent state if it does not kill itself.

Senescent cells are responsible for age-related diseases. Partially eliminating senescent cells should theoretically result in increased life capacity. On Ercc1 -/ mice, this idea was confirmed. Dasatinib and quercetin were given to Ercc1 -/ mice on a regular basis, extending their lifespan and postponing age-related signs and diseases. We decided to put dasatinib and quercetin together to see if they had a senolytic effect in humans.

The clinical trial was conducted on 64 male volunteers over the age of 36 for this objective. To put things in perspective, our volunteers were divided into four groups, each with 16 members. Within 5 days, the D+Q group was given 50 mg of dasatinib and 500 mg of quercetin orally.

Methods: The entire trial was supplemented with thorough medical screening and a stair ascending test in order to register and analyse changes caused by the medication components.

As a consequence, 50mg of dasatinib combined with 500 mg of quercetin had a clear senolytic effect, which was supported by improved stair ascending test results and a calmed state of systolic blood pressure. This dosage combination of these two drugs is almost certainly safe.

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Tkemaladze Jaba
International Longevity Centre- 0131, King Demetre Tavdadebuli 81, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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