Development of Brahmi Leaves (Centella asiatica) Incorporated Health Mix for Improving Undernutrition and Intelligence among Children

In India, children suffer from a high rate of malnutrition. Growth failure, higher morbidity rates, decreased life expectancy, decreased cognitive function and development, decreased learning capacity, poor academic performance, inadequate adult efficiency, and diminished economic growth are all consequences of undernutrition in children. For kids, the health mix is the most popular, practical, easy-to-prepare, and healthy cuisine. This chapter focuses on the development of a less expensive and more nutritious health mix for children in order to improve their nutritional status and cognitive function. The basic materials were obtained, processed, powdered, and blended into five different health mixes. The nutritional and sensory properties of the created health mixtures were evaluated. According to the findings, the health mix III with a combination of multi grain such as redrice (25 g), bajra (25 g), greengram (20 g), soyabean (10 g), riceflakes (10 g), jaggery (8 g), and brahmi leaves (2 g) received significantly higher scores and was also chosen as the best in having high amounts of essential nutrients such as protein (14.9 g), fat (1.68 g), iron (6.52 g), zinc Furthermore, the prepared health mix variation III received the highest rating in several sensory attributes, with results equivalent to the control sample. As a result, thehealth mix, which is made up of a variety of multigrains and brahmi leaves, is one of the most practical food formulae for supplementing undernourished infants. Future research into the use of such supplements to improve the nutritional status and cognitive function of malnourished children is encouraged.

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Anitha R.
Department of Foods and Nutrition, Muthurangam Government Arts College, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India.

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