Column Chromatography Abetted Isolation of Aryl Naphthalene’s from Cleistanthus collinus by: A Novel Approach

The lignans of aryl naphthalene are isolated from Cleistanthus collinus using pet. ether. The goal of this investigation was to see if a dangerous plant, such as Cleistanthus collinus, contains biologically active Naphthalene. The lignans cleistanone, as well as their lactones, are abundant in the bark, leaves, heartwood, fruits, and other components of this plant. Column chromatography is used to isolate chemical constitutions, which is followed by TLC analysis and detection in an iodine chamber using a UV lamp or a sprayer solution (CH2Cl2: CH3OH). Cleistanone, diphyllin, cleistanthins A, C, and D, and 4-O-(30-O-methyl-b -D-glucopyranosyl)-diphyl lin are the isolated arylnaphthalide lignans.

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Rajdip Utane
Department of Chemistry, Sant Gadge Maharaj Mahavidyalaya, Hingna, (affiliated to RTMNU), Nagpur (M.S.), -441110, India.

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