Between Persia and China: Whence the Cimmerians Came? | Chapter 6 | Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol.1

Eurasian communication of the Early Nomads, which combined remote regions and civilizations, forming a branched of the trans-continental channels of distribution excellence, and inventions of various goods, which stimulated the evolution, development, and production of its own vehicles, were the main cultural and historical processes in the Ancient World. This theory is based on a careful assessment of pertinent literary, visual, and archaeological materials; facts, as well as evidence of widespread chariot and cavalry use, support the notion that the Cimmerians of the inland areas originated in Central Asia. The author identifies the historical Cimmerians as carriers of Karasuk archaeological culture and its derivatives.

Author(s) Details:

Victor A. Novozhenov,
 UNESCO Center for the Rapprochement of Cultures in Almaty, Karaganda University (Saryarka Archaeological Institute), Kazakhstan.

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