Study about Genius Ideas and Genius Mistakes: Non-Material Nature of the Psyche, Part II | Chapter 5| Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol.1

The author expands on ideas offered in his work, What is the Psyche? What are we trying to cure? for several centuries, and critically examines works by Descartes, I.M. Sechenov, and I.P. Pavlov, which shaped current ways of researching the psyche and treating mental diseases. I.M. Sechenov’s brain reflexes are examined in depth, as are I.P. Pavlov’s thoughts about the second signal system and higher neurological activity. The author shows that these concepts are false, and that they continue to impact the development of psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and social sciences. The psyche is a non-material informational structure that develops as a result of language programming of the brain in a social informational environment; it is the highest regulator of cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and ideomotor acts, that is, of social adjustment of personality in general, in accordance with language and culture requirements in a specific society, which influence the development of the psyche.

Author(s) Details:

Mikhail Reshetnikov,
East European Psychoanalytical Institute, Russian Federation, Russia.

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