Undoing a Century of Cosmological Errors

The goal of this study is to investigate and report on the scientific and mathematical flaws that have resulted in a widely held incorrect understanding of the universe. Because of a basic cosmological mistake that dates back to 1915, present accepted cosmology has constructed an extensive system of beliefs that lack foundation. The legendary big bang did not occur, galaxies are not receding from one another, we are not on a collision path with Andromeda, and dark matter and dark energy are also fictions. General relativity has become the widely accepted explanation for gravity as a result of two mathematical errors dating back to 1915. Unfortunately, this geometric gravity theory is hopelessly faulty. There is no four-dimensional spacetime, it does not curve, and it does not interact with gravity. Light is not bent by gravity, therefore gravitational waves do not exist. The following hypotheses are proven to be wrong by this study: the big bang hypothesis, Hubble’s law, expansion theory, 4-D spacetime, general relativity, dark matter, dark energy, cosmic microwave background theory, gravitational waves, and Higgs boson theory. The universe is an immense, timeless expanse with no limits and no origin or end. There is also a distance beyond which light emitted by extremely distant galaxies goes outside of the visible spectrum.

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David Rowland
61 Sandstone Drive, Hanwell, New Brunswick E3E 0C3, Canada.

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