Assessment of Surface Modification by Laser Studies of Polymer Material before and after MB Doping

The surface temperature of PVA was calculated before and after laser radiation using optical properties (absorption, transmission, reflection spectra, optical absorption coefficient) and thermal properties (weight after doping, density, and thermal diffusivity). The surface temperature decreased after adding low doping concertation(134 to 77)C at laser fluence 20J/cm2 because MB works as a trapping centre and disperses laser energy. The UV–vis analysis of these materials shows that MB forms a complex with the polymer via a hydrogen bonding contact between the polymer’s –OH group and MB’s nitrogen, which improves the polymer’s heat stability. The goal of this work is to compare the surface temperature of PVA before and after MB doping using optical characteristics and thermal constants that have been observed.

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Narjis Zamil Abdulzahra
Physics Department, College of Sciences, Al- Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq.

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