Implementation of an Adaptive Model of Steel Structure Building for the Prevention of Earthquake Effects

The purpose of this study is to develop a novel method for increasing earthquake protection in structures by forcing them to react to the seismic wave. This is accomplished by having the structure “surf” the earthquake wave as if it were a person riding a wave. A small-scale steel structure building model was created, manufactured, and tested to represent the concept of this study. The model has proven to be effective, with outstanding outcomes. These findings are represented by the substantial difference in acceleration values supplied for the vibration table, which mimics a shaking ground during an earthquake, and the building model at high vibrations. The tremors were well-adjusted by the building model. The proposed methodology is suggested for high-value projects such as the construction of nuclear reactors. With filing application number 63049291, the author has successfully registered the invention as a provisional US patent with the USPTO.

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Majid Mutashar Hameed
Ministry of Oil, Missan Oil Company, Iraq.

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