Study about Axially Symmetric Bodies for Newtonian Fluid-Axial Flow

We used the expression of drag given by Kanwal [1] in terms of classical Stokes drag provided by Datta and Srivastava [2] and Srivastava [3] to find the drag on axially symmetric bodies of revolution of curve with the condition of constantly turning tangent vibrating slowly along axis of symmetry. For axially symmetric items oscillating slowly along their axis of symmetry in a uniform axial flow of Newtonian fluid, Stokes drag is calculated. The axially symmetric bodies of revolution are considered with the condition of continuously turning tangent. The results of drag on spheres and spheroids are consistent with those found in the literature, while drag on deformed spheres, egg-shaped bodies, cycloidal bodies, cassini ovals, and hypocycloidals are novel. The numerical values of frictional drag on a slowly vibrating needle-shaped body and a flat circular disc have been determined as a special case of deformed sphere. The concept provided in this study could be used to tackle problems like Oseen’s flow, quadratic flow, magneto-hydrodynamic flow, and so on.

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Deepak Kumar Srivastava
Department of Mathematics, B.S.N.V. Post Graduate College (K.K.V.), University of Lucknow, Station Road, Charbagh, Lucknow-226001, U.P., India.

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