Study about Novel Recursive Algorithm for Realization of One-Dimensional Discrete Hartley Transform

In digital signal processing, the discrete Hartley transform is a useful tool. This work introduces a new recursive approach for realising the one-dimensional discrete Hartley transform of even length. The Chebyshev Polynomial is used to construct the transform after folding the input data once. A single folding technique can process twice as much data as previous methods. The proposed algorithm reduces the amount of adds and multiplications when compared to previous techniques. The recursive algorithms are suitable for implementation in VLSI. Multiplications take longer than additions to complete. Because the number of multiplications in the suggested method is significantly lower than in certain other structures, the proposed algorithm can save time in its implementation.

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M. N. Murty
Department of Physics, National Institute of Science & Technology, Berhampur – 761008, Odisha, India.

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