The Strength Enhancement Mechanisms of Aluminum and Its Alloys

Household appliances, weaponry, pressure vessels, boats, aircraft flaps, maritime, two-wheeled vehicles, automotive, and aircraft engine spare parts are just a few of the applications for aluminium and its alloys. The numbering system, the influence of alloying components on the cast, Al-Cu alloys, and the process for enhancing strength are all discussed in this paper. Solid-solution hardening, grain size strengthening, work or strain hardening, and precipitation hardening are some of the treatments that can be used to improve the physical and mechanical properties of aluminium alloys.

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. Akhyar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Syiah Kuala, Jln. Syech Abdurrauf No.7 Darussalam – Banda Aceh, 23111, Indonesia.

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