Insect Plant Interaction

Philosophers, scientists, educators, and others have explicitly classified all known information to define its bounds and display the structure of knowledge from time to time. Various disciplines are based on this framework. The study of insects and plants is divided into two disciplines: Zoology and Botany. Despite the fact that insects and plants belong to separate disciplines with well-defined borders and knowledge structures, they interact, which is the subject of this book. Numerous publications have been written about insects and plants from various ecological perspectives. There have been a relatively small number of novels written about their interactions. However, the majority of these novels were written by authors who spoke English as their first language.

The author of this book, Insect-Plant Interaction, does not claim originality of content because he consulted several books, journals, and conference proceedings written by various academicians and practitioners from various countries. The essence of the author’s more than fifty years of active teaching and leading research will be apparent to the reader. The biggest issue that students experience when reading academic literature is not the substance, but rather the language and style. Authors who speak English as their first language prefer to utilize a higher level of vocabulary and style, which can be problematic for students who do not speak English. This book is an attempt by a non-English speaking instructor who has worked in Indian and Ethiopian classrooms to assist students in overcoming this issue.

Author(s) Details

Dr. M. Sadre Alam Fakhri
College of Agriculture & Vetrinary Sciences, Ambo University, Ethiopia.

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