Language and Symbolic Arts: Catholic Religious Adornments, Arts and Usage

Language is a mechanism or strategy for verbal or nonverbal communication between people that involves the creation of words from signs and symbols such as letters of the alphabet in written form. These words are used in a grammatically correct manner. Every culture, ethnicity, or group of people has its own language, symbols, and communication methods. People use language to express their emotions, thoughts, ideas, and shared experiences. Symbols have a mystical quality to them that conveys a feeling of the holy while also nourishing the body. When dealing with symbols, inner energy is harnessed or put to use; one thinks more deeply than normal. These symbols are meaningless until they are understood, and hence have no impact on the individual. Religious arts and symbols are creative depictions that are meant to help and inspire people to think about the spiritual. The Catholic Church makes considerable use of symbolism and art in religious services or liturgy. The Liturgy is a religious way of life that revolves around the Eucharistic celebration, often known as Mass. Dressing or vestments, vessels, and decorations are among the religious arts – locations, objects, arts (icons, portraits), and adornments (flowers, vestments seasons and colours). The purpose of this essay is to simply explain what language and religion are. It also tries to explain to the reader the meanings and applications of some of the Catholic Church’s symbols, arts, and ornamentation, as well as how they effect the faithful’s spiritual growth and enhancement.

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Josephine Marie Anayo Eke,
Department of General Studies, Plateau State University, Bokkos, Nigeria.

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