The Whole Theory of this Universe- A Step Forward to Einstein Part-2nd Static Universe

If energy moves across space without a source, there cannot be any hot or cold zones in this cosmos. Due to the free flow of energy, the cosmos must achieve a uniform temperature and should become a thermostat with a constant temperature. When mass equals zero, the wavelength equals zero, implying that there is no energy. However, matter and energy are interchangeable. Energy transforms into matter and matter transforms into energy at the subatomic level. In some places of the universe, new galaxies are formed, while old ones die. Changes are brought about through the transfer of energy. Natural and manmade radiation, such as electromagnetic radiation (radiations emitted during fission, fusion, and artificial radioactivity)

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Rehana Kousar,
A/P Chemistry Girls PGC Plandri, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan.

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