Analysis of China’s Power Strategy to Increase Foreign Direct Investment in Madagascar

This book examines China’s expanding influence in Madagascar. It also looks at the dynamics of China’s power strategy in Madagascar and how it is used. Many economic, political, and cultural efforts are targeted by these power methods. The objective is to establish not just a healthcare diplomacy based on friendship, mutual respect, and mutual benefit, but also to distinguish itself from conventional Western foreign policies such as those of Canada, France, and the United States.

These programmes enable Chinese investors to expand their operations. China’s investment and infrastructure finance in Madagascar has expanded since the early 2010s. In 2015, China overtook the United States as Madagascar’s primary commercial partner. Despite the fact that China’s programmes appear to be appealing, after more than 40 years of isolation. As a result of their presence in Madagascar, tensions are growing between the Malagasy government, which granted them the permission to settle, and the citizens, who fear losing their land and natural resources.

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Miora Andriamampiandra
University of Fianarantsoa, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar.

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