Dynamic Scheduling for Flexible Manufacture: 15 Computer Programs

The totality of events occurring in the production unit for a given planning period determines the dynamism of workshop planning. The order in which projects are scheduled is mostly determined by the cost of machine adjustments, initial setup, workshop schedule, availability of operators, tool wear, machine maintenance schedule, material delivery timetable, and other resources.

15 workshop schedule tasks are mentioned in the book.

To carry them out, dynamic schedules with two criteria are created at the same time: the first is the timeliness with which orders are fulfilled, and the second is the cost of processing and readjustment of manufactured things. A large portion of the book is devoted to programmes for evaluating conformity with regulations. Schedule calendar hours and machine operating hours in relation to the working calendar.

These responsibilities include order planning as well as in-stock planning; some are specific to discrete production, while others are specific to process production. As a result, the suggested calculating approach is applicable to a wide range of sectors. All of the tasks in the book are presented in a consistent manner, making it easier to become comfortable with them.

VBA Excel macro plain text is supplied for each of the 15 jobs. On an Excel page, the initial data for each job is entered, as well as the planning outcomes. Gantt charts, as well as other charts, are used to depict almost all tasks.

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Yuri Mauergauz
Russian MES Center, Russian Federation.

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