Blue Microphones introduces the Yeti X and Yeti Nano microphones, which are aimed at content creators.

Two high-end microphones called the Yeti X and Yeti Nano have been introduced by Blue Microphones, a division of Logitech for Creators. Here’s a closer look at the microphones, which are designed for professional streamers and video creators


Two high-end microphones have been introduced by Blue Microphones, a division of Logitech for Creators, for professional streamers and content producers in India. The company’s exclusive Blue Vo!ce software, which includes built-in effects and presets, is included with the Yeti X and Yeti Nano. The mics are intended for users who want gaming, streaming, and podcasting content to sound professional and broadcast-quality. Priced at Rs 17,495 for the Yeti X and Rs 9,995 for the Yeti Nano, respectively.

According to Blue, these USB microphones are easy to set up, connect, and use with plug-and-play functionality for immediate streaming with a PC or Mac. The Yeti X has an 11-segment LED metre and a four capsule condenser microphone. The streamer can quickly check and alter their vocal levels thanks to the metre, which changes from green to red.

An “illuminated multi-function smart knob” is also included with the microphone. Granular control over the mic gain, mute feature, and headphone volume is intended to be provided through this. According to the business, the knob also regulates the blending of computer sound and microphone signal.

The Yeti Nano produces audio of Blue studio calibre in the meantime. According to the business, it includes two in-house condenser mic capsules that have been specially calibrated to offer voice great presence and detail. It offers 24-bit/48kHz recordings of excellent quality. With a variety of software and operating systems, this one also offers plug-and-play functionality.

Both microphones have an omnidirectional mode that captures sound equally from all directions and a specific cardioid mode that records sources directly in front of the microphone. For conference calls, the latter is ideal. In addition to having a bidirectional mode that records from both the front and back of the microphone, Yeti X is more sophisticated. It also has a stereo mode that records rich audio experiences using both the left and right channels.

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