Evaluating the Parents’ Satisfaction and Its Potential in Boosting Sales and Profits in the Tutoring Business Sector

The case studies of two families whose children received tutoring for five months in Milton Keynes, England, in the United Kingdom, help this chapter analyse the potential of happy parents in increasing sales and profitability in the tutoring industry. These families received specific feedback questions via emails and texts at the conclusion of the lessons. Both of them replied via emails. Microsoft Excel was used to conduct a data analysis and create comparison tables for these parents’ replies. The findings indicated that both parents were happy with the tutoring services provided to their kids. Both of them claimed that their kids had become more capable of responding test questions with confidence and self-belief. Parents were happy as a consequence and were prepared to serve as the tutor’s referee, suggest the tutor’s services to other parents, discuss the results of their children’s exams, and buy tutorial services from the same instructor again in the future.

These results lead to the conclusion that happy parents have the ability to increase tutoring business sales and profits. As a result, it is advised that tutors actively solicit parental input on how they give lessons.

Author(s) Details:

Fletcher M. Phiri,
Business and Health Studies Freelance Lecturer, Tutor and Training Consultant for 6 Pixie Road, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP18 0GJ, UK.

Please see the link here: https://stm.bookpi.org/CABEF-V1/article/view/7301

Keywords: Tutoring business, customer satisfaction, parents’ feedback, sales & profits boost, case studies, self-belief, repeat purchase, confidence.

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