An Unusual Bifid Piriformis Muscle with High Division of Sciatic Nerve

 The sciatic Nerve can seldom be isolated into tibial and normal fibular Nerve inside the Pelvis. In these conditions, the normal fibular nerve and tibial nerve leave the pelvis in particular ways. This Objectives of this study is to know the variety in piriformis muscle and division of sciatic nerve. The variation found by MBBS understudies during typical analyzation of a 30-year-old male body at the JJM Medical College in Davangere, Karnataka, India. The thing that matters is On the right half of a 30-year-old male dead body, there is a high division of the sciatic nerve. The bifid piriformis’ two divisions are where the normal peroneal nerve is arranged, though the tibial nerve runs underneath the substandard piriformis. Understanding this change is urgent for treating sciatic nerve ensnarement that causes nondiscogenic sciatica, and it likewise requires a survey of the piriformis disorder.

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Rashmi C. Goshi,
JSS Medical College, Mysuru, India.

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Keywords: Tibial nerve, common peroneal nerve, sciatica, piriformis syndrome

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