Climate Change and Increasing Flood Frequency in Kashmir [1815-2015 A.D.]

In Kashmir, flooding has been a constant since the region’s creation. Since the 1890s, the frequency has dramatically grown. Several scientists today assert that climate change has increased the chance of disasters. The researcher looked at the primary sources of Kashmir history from the previous 200 years to assess whether there had been any climate change in Kashmir over this time and, if so, whether it had affected the frequency of floods in Kashmir. The researcher also investigated post-flood disorders to determine whether there was a connection between these diseases and climate change. Consequently, expanding telecommunication infrastructure necessitates more electricity to run, which is why we believe the topic of our discussion is pertinent. This essay explores how energy and environmental auditing, along with an effective energy management system, pave the way for green telecom in terms of green telecom networks, equipment maintenance, building design, and trash disposal. The talk focused on the use of solar power in telecom towers as well as research using case studies and governmental directives to satisfy the requirements of strategic fit compliances for environmental protection.

Author(s) Details:

Shahid Nabi Wani,
Department of History, University of Kashmir, India.

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Keywords: Flood, climate, frequency, disease, Kashmir

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