Integral Environmental Study “Parana Islands” Ex El Rico Reserve (Santa Fe, Argentina)

The islands under study are part of the “Islas del Paraná” New National Park, and an interdisciplinary assessment was done in which the historical situation and the present situation were contrasted. This location served as an experimental field for the Province of Santa Fe’s Ministry of Agriculture between the 1960s and the 1970s. There, local plants and animals were tested for many years before the area was abandoned and turned into a cow ranch by the settlers. El Rico was included in the 2010 creation of the “Islas de Santa Fe” National Park. El Rico is noteworthy since it is the only island that was thoroughly investigated at the level of vegetation in the 1980s, providing us with precise data. Thirty years of satellite imagery, river height data, and rainfall data were used to compare three sources and create water management plans. Using a Geographic Information System, maps of the water status were created, and trend lines were created to illustrate the problem.

Author(s) Details:

Adrian Oscar Bussolini,
FCEIA – National University of Rosario, Argentina.

Jorge Postma,
FCEIA – National University of Rosario, Argentina.

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Keywords: Environment, geographic information systems, water management

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