Digital Monitoring and Information System Regarding the Operational Safety of CO2 Storages

The author and a team are a part of a global effort to create a programmable system for monitoring CO2 deposits.

By developing and demonstrating a digital monitoring early-warning system that is societally embedded, intelligent, reasonably priced, and capable of monitoring any subsurface barrier system and CO2 storage reservoir, the DigiMon project’s overall objective is to significantly speed up the implementation of carbon capture technology. The objective is to create and integrate distributed fiber-optic sensing technology, seismic point sensors, and gravimetric data with tried-and-true Ethernet-based digital communication, near-real-time, web-based smart data processing software, and knowledge of the social partners in the potential risk area. The component blocks of the system will be discussed in this paper. The system will be made interchangeable and adaptable with reference to the environment (offshore or onshore) and new system components provided via market-driven technology development. Any Carbon Capture System (CCS) project must include measurement, monitoring, and verification (MMV). MMV must demonstrate that projects are planned and executed in a manner that is both cost-effective and seen favourably by society. With a focus on information sharing with the general public and decision-makers, it also ensures safety and security. These articles outline the programmes and system functions for digitally integrated CO2 storage monitoring.

Author(s) Details:

Gabriel Vladut,
Sedona, Craiova, Romania.

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Keywords: CCS, CO2 storage, digital monitoring, SCADA system, social partners

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