The Role of Entrepreneurship in Achieving Competitive Advantage in Hospitals during the Corona Pandemic Period (an Analytical Study of Private Hospitals in Lattakia Governorate)

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in various organizations, and in hospitals in particular, and it has been shown that entrepreneurship and creative thinking have a great importance in mitigating the effects of the Corona pandemic crisis. The study also objective: Determining the elements of competitive advantage associated with entrepreneurs in private hospitals during the Corona pandemic. Studying the impact of entrepreneurship on competitive advantage in private hospitals during the Corona pandemic. The descriptive analytical approach was relied on in the study, and it was designed and distributed to administrators in 9 hospitals in Lattakia (Syria). Data was entered and analyzed by SPSS and SMARTPLS programs. The study had the following results: Entrepreneurship and its five components (creativity, risk taking, proactivity, competitive offensive, and independence) directly affect the competitive advantage of hospitals in Lattakia. Depending on the importance-performance map.

Author(s) Details:

Basel Anwar Assad,
Alandalws University, Syria and Tishreen University, Syria and Tartus University, Syria.

Lama Muhammad Abdaljalil Minla,
Tishreen University, Syria.

Rania Mohsen Hassan,
Tartus University, Syria.

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Keywords: Competitive advantage, entrepreneurship, creativity, independence, competitive offensive, proactivity

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