Activated Carbon: Advances in Research and Application

Recent age have visualized an enormous interest with the analysts in the result of activated element by utilizing various precursors. In this book, distinctive consideration command a price of to the latest research judgments about the requests and the properties of mobilized element. The acquired activated element displayed larger surface area and porosity to eliminate sounds that are pleasant, dye compounds, unwelcome pollutants, bad scent and taste. Several types of mobilized carbon in the way that coarse, grated and pellet forms maybe secondhand in cure, gases and water freeing. This book is urged for engineer, researcher, material scientist and graduate graduates.

Author(s) Details:

Ho Soonmin,
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, INTI International University, Putra Nilai 71800, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.

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Keywords: Activated Carbon, Synthesis and Properties, Wastewater Treatment, Gas Purification, Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Applications

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