An Ironic View on a Convoluted Reality: Part A

The period of 2020 displays two main processes; first, it poses the COVID-19 universal as an worldwide wonder that illustrates by what method grown and menacing is life after death Nature. Secondly, it represents completely of the rough Capitalism term that had begun to fall accompanying the 2008-9 finan- cial trouble. The Author disputes that these two occurrences are so significant that they force family and countries with its own government to favor introducing a change in their beha- vior. The breadth of the passage compulsory me to separate whole into two parts; Part A—Reflections on Behaviors, and Part B—The Mysteries of the In- ner-self. The consultation on practice and conduct discloses by virtue of what difficult and still mysterious many acts and their verbalizations are. The essay or art- lyzes the within ancestries and the extrinsic interplays that influence and direct a person’s conduct. The Author claims that evaluation of practice is a commodity of geopolitics, breeding and period. As the famous suggest: “Pornography is a ques- tion of Geography.” He still claims that for growing the value of history, it should to present a more seeing and advocating nature style. Such a move bear start at the nursery school.Additionally, me sug- gests taking up few of the Quantum Theory methods for numbering the study of performance and the central-self. Both fields ask a immense frame of un- famous action word domain. Some drawings are additional for professed few of me’s plans.

Author(s) Details:

Amos Avny,
Omnidev International, Yehud, Israel.

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Keywords: Behavior, conduct, inner-self, quantum theory, solidarity, togetherness and a holistic approach

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