Determining the Effects of Spray Drying Conditions on Water Absorption Index, Water Solubility Index, Solubility and Water Activity ax of Rice Milk Powder

Cow’s milk is widely drank cause it is a good beginning of protein. It too serves as a complete food, holding all of the essential parts to a degree fat, carbs, and proteins. Due to organic compound composed of carbon subtlety in few crowd, plant-located milk products, that have the unchanging digestive benefits as browbeat’s milk, are suitable more well-known. Broken edible grain has the alike pertaining to food content as raw edible grain and maybe treated into a type priceless-additional fruit.A liquid came from edible grain generally popular as edible grain milk is acceptable give assistance animal milk in the realm. The defective edible grain was secondhand in this study to create edible grain milk utilizing the ideal process limits. Rice milk was spray drained to longer allure useful life of product at miscellaneous feed flow rates and intake drying air hotnesses. In order to supply the ideal degree for spray drying, hotness and feed flow rate were optimised utilizing the worth function, that gratified all replies with the unavoidable principles. The called best environments were;T= 138∘C, and Q= 35 mL/brief time period. Water exercise, water solubility index, and water incorporation index reaction values under these income were 0.30, 72.8%, and 21.7%, individually.

Author(s) Details:

M. Padma,
Department of Agricultural Process and Food Engineering, College of Agricultural Engineering, Sangareddy-502285, PJTSAU, India.

P. V. K. Jagannadha Rao,
PFE, RARS, Anakapalli, ANGRAU, India.

L. Edukondalu,
Processing & Food Engineering, Dr. NTR College of Agricultural Engineering, Bapatla, ANGRAU, India.

K. Aparna,
MFPI-Quality Control Laboratory, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad, PJTSAU, India.

G. Ravi Babu,
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Dr. NTR College of Agricultural Engineering, Bapatla, India.

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Keywords: Rice milk, solubility, spray drying, water activity, water absorption index, water solubility index

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